Easter craft projects

7 Apr

Little Pea is a little too small (!) to start bothering about crafts just yet but, I’ve seen loads of great ideas on Pinterest and Twitter this week which I thought were worth sharing. Sure you’ve been inundated with crafts from playgroup and school but, I’m working on the premise that any more suggestions to help keep your little ones occupied over the holidays is always most welcome.

Easy bunny candy pouch

This was the craft that initially got me started on this post. Absolutely brilliant blog find at mermag giving step-by-step details (including template download) on how to make this bunny candy pouch. Great as a gift, table decoration or general party bag favour and although it might take a little more patience than some of the other crafts on this post it will certainly impress.










Handprint chicks and bunnies

I had to search around a little bit for this one as the original pinterest image I saw didn’t have much detail behind it but, found a great post by Sarahndipities on handprint chicks and bunnies. All you need are a few stamp pads in different colours, paper or card, pens and little fingers and thumbs and, tadah! Brilliant Easter cards, postcards or posters.

Easter crafts







Edible Easter crafts

The craft guru that is Martha Stewart has ‘how-to’s’ for making some great rice crispie birds and marshmellow bunnies.  Not sure how long they’ll last before they’re all gobbled up but really simple and easy to make with some simple store cupboard ingredients.









One for the grown-ups

And, just so I’m not leaving the grown-ups out these Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs from raspberri cupcakes should keep everyone happy. Supposedly they’re childs-play – they’re made from shop bought hollow chocolate eggs and you just need to add the fun stuff al la Cadburys Creme Egg. I’ve yet to have a go to confirm but can imagine anyone receiving them as an Easter gift would be pretty impressed.











Happy Easter holidays all.

Little Pea Green x

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